Free Builders Club?


PLEASE NOTE: This guide was NOT written by me!(This method of BC has been discussed with ReeseMcBlox and she said it was ok)

Check more at :

Note: This is Part 1 of the guide. 2 Coming soon.

Builders Club, for some easy to get, for others nothing but a dream.
Parents going “NOES, THE INTERNETS IS REALLY REALLY BAD!” whenever you mention paying over the internet?
Then you can do this, make money by clicking ads, which is sent to an AlertPay account.
Once you have $30,00 you can send it to ROBLOX by mail.
A lot of work, but worth it!

In this part of the guide I will only explain you how to get money from clicking ads, and getting it sent to your AlertPay account.

Getting an AlertPay account.

You will first need to sign up for an AlertPay account.
This is simple to do, and wont take any longer than 2 minutes.
What you need? A working email address.

1. Go to
2. Click ‘Sign Up’
3. Pick your country and click “Get Started” below “Personal Starter” to start.
4. On the first page you can, for now just put a – everywhere.
5. On the second page you will have to use a REAL email-address. You will get a validation link sent to that email, you will have to click it to activate your account.
6. Pick a password and make the security
7. Finish the signing up and go to your inbox to validate your account.

Getting a account, to start clicking ads.

1. Go to
2. Click “Register”
3. Fill in all the information, do NOT use fake info here.
4. For the Referrer, make sure to keep it as ‘Wirodeu’, as a little thanks to me for telling you about this.
5. Once done creating an account, you can start!
6. Click “Surf Ads”
7. Click the first ad, and keep it open for 30 seconds, untill it says its done and shows a green check.
8. Do NOT open more than one ad at the same time!
9. You will get a cent per ad, and one per ad your refferals click!
10. Get some refferals now, use the link in ‘My Stats’ to get people to sign up using your link.

So far the guide for getting BC, part 1.
Soon I will make part 2, once I have enough money to send to ROBLOX HQ.

This was written by Wirodeu, So all credit goes to him!


53 Responses to “Free Builders Club?”

  1. nobaddy Says:

    well… if the parrents find out: NOES YOU HAVE ERNAD BUCKS ON INTERNET WITHOUT GETING ALOWEDZZORZ! and go bc and they are mean dumb little. i goota zuezorz themzorz and wquit builderrclu b!!!!!!!! it dangerus and its a adult gme1

    that can happend

  2. zege77 Says:

    Oh and WARNING: It would take you a 9/10 year to collect 30 bux!
    Soo….Not my fault when you get too mad beacause of that time.


    This comment has been removed by Zege77.
    Reason:Bad words

  4. noahk Says:

    wow….. i get about 13 dollas a month for a LOT of chores………. i think thats easier…. lol….. oh yeah and 9/10ths of a YEAR to get bc from that!? geez! one year of that=3 months of BC….

  5. Samm Says:

    It wouldnt take 9/10 years! I’ve been at it for 3 days and already got a 1$ and i got a bunch of referalls, its ez

  6. Anonymous Says:

    dus some1 no the code to be a bc 4 free?

  7. battleben Says:

    yeh you might as well just save up the money yourself

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ugh i dont want a month!

  9. wwwww Says:

    Wow 100 ads for a dollar….

  10. name Says:

    is it really worth it??

  11. ironman246810 Says:

    now it me ironman246810 i am sure some ppl dont know me and i know some of them

  12. a Says:

    This sucks man, it would take forever, but at least u put it on!

  13. rockeymon Says:

    I believe That it is worth it you get to watch adds all day long I think it is better than working your but off with labor.

  14. HongMeng Says:

    I want free buider club!

  15. Jordyboy1 Says:

    Im having problems with the verification code evrytime i type it says incorrect when its right

  16. shasha997 Says:

    is it real im only 8 years old

  17. Robloxian Says:

    Dont use use bux3 its faster and gives me 50 cents a day unline givig you 10 cents a day

  18. eevee400 Says:

    if your parents find out ur be in big trouble though

  19. eevee400 Says:

    could someone help me plz mine says ive got $0.1300

  20. Kurt Says:

    $1 finally, I wish I could get some referrals.

  21. preston58 Says:

    its realy not that much money for 6 months

  22. [COMMENT REMOVED.] Says:

    This comment has been removed by Zege77.
    Reason:Bad words

  23. ! Says:

    A 9 YEARS OR 10 YEARS WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM 21 THEN!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Richard60606 Says:

    9 or 10 years!your joking!i would just ask my parents to be builders club,its hard but takes less time

  25. me Says:

    my parents got p’ed and realy mad if your not 19 or older your parents will get mad

  26. mush9 Says:

    I need to go to America and work there to get bc

  27. Anonymous Says:


  28. unknown Says:

    quicker way to getting bux money is download a thing called multiclick. it automatically clicks adds for you so you dont have to. and i think 10bux is faster than bux3. go to this site for downloads ill put the site back online in a day or so, just need to fix some things.

  29. unknown Says:

    ok guys i got the site back up and running. You’ll make close to a dollar a day and you can run the program in the background so you can even play roblox while its clicking on the adds for you! So, it will only take about 30days max to get your builders club but, for that one month of running the program you’ll get 6months of builders club, so i think its worth it. Enjoy!!

  30. ..... Says:

    Soooo….why would my parents get mad? is this illeagel or somthing?

  31. ..... Says:

    so nealy an hour for a dollar…pretty much a day for like, 6 months of bc….why are people saying it takes so long? have i got my maths wrong?

  32. ..... Says:

    well, i suppose who would spend a day doign that?

  33. Dave Says:

    sup and i made 300$ thank you dude i am going to get TBC for lifetime yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Anonymous Says:

    too hard!!!!!!!!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    i calculate it and it takes 4 hours to get 5 bux

  36. alejandro100000 Says:


  37. alejandro100000 Says:


  38. korela_X Says:

    dose the ads have viruses in them ???

  39. smart one [not really] Says:

    does it work?

  40. callum££ Says:

    that is true. i think becaues he said about some proper websites

  41. callum££ Says:

    i hope it dose not involved viresies

  42. callum££ Says:

    have you get lots of bages

  43. We the peeps Says:

    i make like 50 bucks a week dude!!!

  44. Anonymous Says:

    how should we do that i mean how do we find the ad anyway???????????????????

  45. fart Says:

    im just getting my mom to buy it for me for Christmas. I had to get good grades and lots of chores but it was a lot easier than this sounds.

  46. zoronii Says:

    I’d rather just ask my parents to make an actual paypal account for me, and just use my own money to say 9/10ths of a year, time is money y’know

  47. Anonymous Says:

    1 cent = 1 click 30 sec.= half a minute
    10 clicks = 10 cents 300 sec. = 5 mins
    100 clicks = 1 dollar 50 mins = almost an hour
    1000 clicks = 10 dollars 500 mins = 8 hours and 20 mins
    10000 clicks = 100 dollars 1050 hours = about 3 days with 7 hour sleep

    do that for a few weeks and youll be richer than pie!

  48. WaffleTacoBurger Says:

    1 cent = 1 click 30 sec.= half a minute
    10 clicks = 10 cents 300 sec. = 5 mins
    100 clicks = 1 dollar 50 mins = almost an hour
    1000 clicks = 10 dollars 500 mins = 8 hours and 20 mins
    10000 clicks = 100 dollars 1050 hours = about 4 days with 9 hour s sleeps and 4 hour breaks

    this chart should be right

    i wouldent recommend the 100 dollars one with 4 hour breaks. I would do 5 dollars a day, you will be OBC in less than a week!

  49. sad about long waits Says:

    dude! nine or ten years? will i still feel like playing roblox when i’m 21?

  50. Anonymous Says:

    Why arent there any other moneys?Like Euros,Pounds etc?Just dolars!If there was Euros I will get Liftime Membership!(When I will have my own CredidCard)

  51. ? Says:

    To get BC is hard!But there is a way to get!When some of your parent is drunk ask him/her to get you a Monthly membership and tell him/her that it isnt to much,its 3.99$ or lower!But you wont click for Monthly but for Lifetime or Year!Then ask his/her credit card.Then type everything that has to be writen!When it will ask you for the Credit Card nuber simply just type in the nubers and there you go!WARING:You have to do this alone!!When typing no one must see you!Swcond way:
    Steal your parents credit card and do the things that the Payment requers!

  52. ............... Says:

    So what do you do when you finnaly have enough money?

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